The Common Reader’s Biggest Problem

The reading slump. We all get ’em. Don’t pretend you don’t.

I, for one, have been in a reading slump for almost a year. I’m lucky to finish one book a month.

I have collated some tips and tricks on how to get motivated and how to pick yourself up during a reading slump. Enjoy!

The Short-Term Reading Slump

Change your Genre

Always reading fantasy? Change to mystery. Can’t get out of contemporary? Pick up a thriller. You’re probably in a reading slump because you’re getting bored of your favourite genre. Pick up something you wouldn’t normally read, or something everybody is raving about. You might surprise yourself.

Watch an Adaptation

Want to read a popular book? Can’t find the motivation? Watch the movie, or whatever it has been adapted in to. That way, you’ll already know the characters, and you’ll have a thirst for more. Why not give it a go?

Short books

When in a reading slump, short books are always your friend. They’re easy to read and take no time at all. When you’ve finished one, you’ll feel amazing. Plus, you’ll read more books by reading shorter ones. Here’s a list of 10 amazing short books.

Fan Art

Fan art comes in so many forms. Photo edits, drawings, fan fiction: the options are endless. Look at some mediums of fan art, or create your own. Maybe it will inspire you to reread?

The Long-Term Reading Slump


Everybody has a favourite book, or even a favourite series. Why not pick up yours and reread it? There’s no rush, you know how it ends. You’re already in love with the characters. You know they make it in the end (unless it is a certain book by a certain Ms Roth).

Favourite Author

Seeing as you’re not reading and you probably have loads of time on your hands now, why not Internet stalk your favourite authors? You may find they’ve written a new book. Buy it. Read it. You’re already used to their writing style. Heck, it may even be a sequel. Why not?

Planning is Key

Creating a reading schedule is a great way to get motivated. If you have nothing else more important to do, then prioritise reading. When you’re mid-Netflix marathon, and it asks you if you’re still watching, click no and pick up that God damn book! Always put reading first. Always.

Go out (if you want to, that is)

If you’re not the kind of person that stays at home (like yours truly), then journey to the library and browse through their book collection. Sign up for a library card and pick a book that looks interesting. You’ll have 2 weeks to read it, or you’ll be fined. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

Let’s Get Digital

Have an iPhone? A Samsung? A tablet? An E-Reader? Download a book onto your handheld device. This way, you’ll always have a book on you, and you can read wherever without worrying about your book getting crumpled in your bag. Read on the bus, before your meeting, or at lunch. Whenever you can!

I hope these tips helped. I’m going to read now. Au revior!
~Jemma xox

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