2014 Favourites!

Hello, readers!

Recently, whilst writing a post for my beauty blog about my favourite authors, I started to think of my favourite books. It felt strange; picking a favourite. It felt wrong; like a teacher picking their favourite student: it just isn’t allowed. Then I started to feel better when I thought of my favourite books of the year. It didn’t feel as wrong. So, in no particular order (except for the last one), here are my favourite books out of the ones I read in the year of 2014!

  • Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Wow. I loved this book so much. It was so relateable on so many levels. The main character, Harriet, was exactly like me. The book was just so funny and so sad, at times, and so cringey and just so happy. I seriously recommend this book to anybody. There are two sequels: Model Misfit and Picture Perfect. A fourth book, All That Glitters, is set to release in February 2015, and it is already on my Amazon Pre-Orders. That is how good it is.

  • Looking for Alaska by John Green

Do not read this book if you are a cryer. Nobody told me this before I read it, but oh my Goodness. The book had a really sad and depressing mood to it some of the time, but it didn’t make the book bad at all. In fact, the mood gave us more insight into the character’s backgrounds! It really gave me an insight as to what boarding school life is actually like, and it sounds amazing. The twist in the middle of the book, however, had me balling my eyes out, especially as Pudge and the Colonel had no idea what had happened when the assembly was called. This book is amazing and the perfect Christmas present for any teen!

  • City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

This was my most anticipated release of 2014. I waited about two years for this book and it was so worth the wait. It was 733 pages of tragedy, romance and badass-ness. What a conclusion to the series! This book was like Deathly Hallows, in that it was an epic finale, with death, romance and intense battle! I loved every moment of it, and actually read it whilst I was in hospital having my appendix removed! I RECOMMEND TO ANY FANTASY LOVER EVER.

  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I’ve only read the first two books in this series, and I only really liked the first one. It was so gripping, and the storyline was bloody brilliant! The romance between Ethan and Lena was like that of Romeo and Juliet: honest and true, but forbidden. I loved how it was from a male’s perspective, and I loved the detail. I could see the world in my head and I loved it. Tthe movie could never do the book justice.

  • Let it Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson

Yes. Just, yes. This book was my favourite this year. It may be because I could relate to the last story, but I still found it brilliant! I loved the way that the three stories all connected and al the characters met at the end. I loved the way that it all fit together, and I loved the characters’ individual storylines. I loved Jubilee and Stewart, and how amazingly cute they were! I loved the Duke and how she came across very much like the boys, but we saw her very much feminine side at the end. I loved Addie and Jeb’s love, and the way it all ended! This book is the perfect book for any lover of Christmas, or any lover of cutesy romance novels. I honestly recommend this to anybody, any age, any book preferences.

So those are my favourite books of 2014! Let me know your’s in the comments!

Also, if you would like to send me a book for review, then check out my Reviews Policy page for details, and maybe I can read and review more books in 2015.

This might be my last post before Christmas, so if it is I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. I hope that if you are travelling that you arrive at your destination safely.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “2014 Favourites!

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  2. I nearly said The Night Circus, but that was 2013…but it was so good I’ve read it again in 2014. For 2014, Fangirl, Clockwork Princess and The Dream Thieves. Can you tell I’m a bit behind in my series reading? I’ll try Let It Snow based on your comments above. 🙂


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