Review | Let it Snow | Various Authors

Hello, readers!

In my previous post, I mentioned a Let it Snow review was in the works. Well, here it is!

Yesterday, I finished reading my first ever Christmas-oriented novel, Let it Snow. This is a collection of three short stories from three best selling authors. All three of the stories intertwine in the final one, and we get to see all the characters finally meet.

John Green is a New York Times best-selling author. His most popular works include The Fault in our Stars and his debut novel (and my personal favourite) Looking for Alaska. Over the past year, Green has had Fault turned into a major motion picture starring Divergent actress Shailene Woodley and he has started production for the movie version of Paper Towns starring model Cara Delevigne.

Maureen Johnson has written many novels, and even co-written with author of The Mortal Instruments series, Cassandra Clare in her e-book series, The Bane Chronicles. Her most popular works include The Madness Underneath and The Runaway Queen (with Cassandra Clare).

Lauren Myracle is an American writer of young adult fiction, whose many works include TTYL and Kissing Kate. She co-wrote a novel called How to be Bad with best-selling author of We were Liars, E. Lockhart.

Let it Snow was published by Penguin books.

This book was truly amazing. I’m a huge fan of contemporary books, and Christmas, so this was a dream come true! It featured romance and comedy and friendship and it was all around amazing!

John Green was the only author of the three that I had come across before, so this was an entirely new experience for me. I found Johnson’s writing very similar to Green’s, so of course I found her amazing! Myracle’s writing was so relatable and touching, especially because the situation that Addie was in at the beginning was the same situation I was in a few weeks ago. So for me, the book was a great pick-me-up.

This book was also very funny. There wasn’t a page that didn’t make me laugh to myself whilst reading. The book was funny because it was so relatable and I could identify with a lot of the problems. This made me reminiscent of my own stupid mistakes, which I now find incredibly hilarious and embarrassing!

The authors were great at capturing the ture spirit of Christmas, which is all about giving back to those whom you love. It really opened me eyes.

Overall, I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5. It was so good!



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